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Debbie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout my session. I could trust her completely and found the regression deeply moving. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any one interested in hypnosis or past life regression.





Energy Management


Do you sometimes feel tired or drained of energy? As human beings we can sometimes forget that not only do we have a physical body, but also an energetic body that needs looking after.


Would you go out in the cold and rain without wearing a coat?


Your energy body will thank you for looking after and protecting it too!


In an Energy Management session I can cleanse and clear your energy fields, and show you simple techniques for the upkeep of it.


Do other people sometimes just 'get to you'? Let's work on setting energetic boundaries, that will ensure all the positive vibes come your way, but that you are not thrown off-centre by any negativity around you.


Do you sometimes feel scattered or 'in your head' or 'all over the place'? Let's work on grounding and centering techniques, on creating a still place where you can safely come back to yourself


Would you like to meet with Angelic Guides or Power animals? Let's work on that by creating the safe space you can return to again & again for guidance or healing.


We can look at the 'Relationship Survival Toolkit,' the checklist for harmonious and balanced relationships


How you can improve the energies in your home through cleansing & clearing rituals


An hours session on any or several of these topics will cost you a well spent £50

After 6pm and weekends: £70




Treat yourself to a beautiful healing Reiki treatment.....


Receiving Reiki is a wonderful and nurturing feeling. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing energy. Many recipients feel a deep inner peace, a feeling of nurture and strength; a deep meditative state can be achieved. Clients often report feelings of warmth or tingling in the area being treated, even when a non-touching approach is being used. A state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being, is usually the most noticeable immediate effect of the treatment. Emotional healing releases can also sometimes occur.


For some, a Reiki treatment can be an intense spiritual experience. Although Reiki is spiritual in nature it does not belong to any religious group or practice; you do not have to have certain beliefs in order for it to work


Quite often life will feel clearer and calmer after a Reiki treatment, and recipients often feel a renewed sense of purpose & clarity of vision, many report feeling refreshed with a positive more balanced outlook on life.


A Reiki treatment will last approximately one hour & costs £50

After 6pm and weekends: £70


Reiki attunements to all levels



Reconnective Healing


"There is a healing power that transcends the limitations of human ability and imagination. By opening to it without preconceived agenda's we are able to restore balance and harmony in our lives."  Eric Pearl


“... fresh insight into the dynamics of healing.” Deepak Chopra MD


Reconnective Healing works on the underlying causes behind the problem and encourages the body to heal itself, unlike some other treatments that tend to only look at the evident problem. It is a form of hands-off energy work which utilises newly re-established universal frequencies to restore balance and bring harmony back to your mind, body and spirit through a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that includes and expands beyond any and all known forms of energy healing.


Treatments usually last 30mins.

Usually only 1 session is required. Up to 3 sessions can be carried out for maximum effect.

Cost £40 each session.



The Reconnection  



The Reconnection® is a further step which some people may choose to take after experiencing one or more Reconnective Healing sessions.  It is a once in a one in a lifetime treatment, which enables the body to remain permanently attuned to these frequencies allowing our own personal continued evolution...

Carried out over two 30min sessions (on consecutive days)

Total Cost €333 (GBP equivalent at time of treatment)





Remember the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you – Rumi



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