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I went to Swan Hypnotherapy to help boost my confidence while I am searching for a new job. I have found however that it impacts all areas of my life.





Conscious Crossing

Conscious Crossing is a visualisation meditation recording, put together to help dispel any fears around death. Working as a past life regression and inter-life therapist, I have taken many people to their past life death points and beyond. All of them without any exceptions report being met by loved ones and taken into the light after their hearts had stopped beating and they had left their body behind.


There are also many Near Death Experiences that have been recorded throughout our recent history that have very similar explanations as to the ‘what happens next’ on our great journey, and these experiences correlate right across the board and transcend all of our religions.


Our modern day cultures often do not support us through our death transition, one that every one of us will face some day. Conscious Crossing aims to help put aside any fears around leaving our bodies and journeying forward as a Soul, by taking a gentle  and beautiful visualisation journey through the process that is likely to happen.  Seen as a preparation for the person involved and their family members and friends, Conscious Crossing is a tool designed to help us to die with more grace and dignity, as the Soul travels forwards into the light, and into the arms of those who stand there waiting.


CD recording available on request, cost £10 including p&p


Other CD recordings available soon


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