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Debbie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout my session. I could trust her completely and found the regression deeply moving. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any one interested in hypnosis or past life regression.





Between Lives Regression


A Between Lives Regression will take you into your soul memories between incarnations. This gives you the chance to understand your soul's purpose for this lifetime

During this special and spiritual journey we will be entering the spirit realms from your most previous incarnation. There is then the chance to explore and experience the following:


Meeting with your personal spirit guide and other elders and teachers

Connecting with your close family soul group and other working groups

Links between soul groups, agreements made, and people in this current life

Meetings with the wise ones to plan your current life - what will you learn and experience?

Choosing your physical body, family, friends and circumstances

All the planning involved for your current life

Other between-life activities


To experience this special spiritual regression it's necessary to first have a past life regression with me.


These are longer sessions lasting 4-5 hours in a deeper hypnotic trance, they have been described as very healing journeys and life-changing experiences. This wonderful session gives a greater insight into the bigger picture of your whole being as a soul, with your current life being a fragment of it. Above all it can be a fun-filled and love-filled experience.


Price: £50 per hour

Weekend price: £70 per hour

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