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Debbie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout my session. I could trust her completely and found the regression deeply moving. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any one interested in hypnosis or past life regression.






Healing the land



The Shield of St George


The ascended being Sanat Kumara visited a meditation  of mine, and asked me (in a rather casual manner) if I wouldn't mind connecting together the points of York, Gloucester and Canterbury. I immediately tuned into the cathedral's of these places as being energetic hotspots and got the map out.


I love maps.


i joined up the cities, and then noticed the following:


York - Gloucester bisects Birmingham, and goes through the points of Lichfield Cathedral and Tutbury Castle.


Gloucester-Canterbury bisects London, and goes through Stadhampton battleground


York-Canterbury bisects Lincoln, and goes through Castle Hedingham and Ely Cathedral


I'm interested  in cathedrals, churches, battlegrounds, as well as what most of us would call sacred sites which include stone circles/henges, as all of these places have been focal points for energy exchanges and vortexes. At cathedrals and churches new life and loss of life have been celebrated and mourned. At castles and battlefields many people have made their transitions to the other side.


Back to the lines  I'd drawn: you can then make another triangle of the points Lichfield Cathedral, Ely Cathedral and Stadhampton Battleground. Along those lines drawn there is an inner triangle: Rockingham Castle, Warwick Castle and Woburn Abbey.


Of the two other places mentioned - Tutbury Castle and Castle Hedingham, their line will also bisect Rockingham Castle.


A triangle within a triangle, within a triangle.


First places to be visited were York, Gloucester and Canterbury. Gold lines of energy rushed out to be joined and anchored into the ground at the cathedral spots.


Gradually every place was anchored  with Love and Light into the pattern .


All of these places are close to either a river or lake, and we also used the energy of water to anchor during the ceremonies.


Many thanks to all the ascended beings who assisted me on all levels, and to friends down here who shared the legwork. Special thanks to Peter whose channelings gave this structure it's name, The Shield of St George.


Tune in to it by meditation or by visiting any of the places and feel the energy that arises. We feel it is a protector of the land, a return to the "Good Knight" principals.



The Merkabah around Birmingham


After the Shield , patterns on the map started literally jumping out at me.


I noticed a Merkabah shape around Birmingham with the following points:


Male triangle - pointing upwards: top Cannock Wood , left Homme Castle (near Shelsley  Beauchamp, Worcs) and  right Warwick Castle.


Female triangle - pointing downwards: top left Bridgnorth Castle, top right Hartshill (iron age fort), bottom  Battle of Evesham site, just north of Evesham.


In the (just off) centre of the Merkabah  in Birmingham are the ruins of Weoley Castle.


The positive emotions of Love Light and Healing have been anchored down into these places.




The Kabbalah in the landscape


Have found  the Kabbalah in English landscape, which has been visited and anchored.

There's also a Western European Kabbalah in the landscape...


I am not an expert, nor a follower of The Kabbalah, but to have it jump out of the map (twice) was inspiring...


In England, all places, or 10 sefirot, also connected to water by either a river or lake:


1 Kether  - Crown- Bakewell Castle


2 Hokhmah - Wisdom - Newark-on-Trent Castle


3 Binah - Understanding- Cholmondeley Castle (near Malpas, Cheshire)


4 Hesed - Mercy- Rockingham Castle


5 Gevurah - Strength - Bridgnorth Castle


6 Tifereth - Beauty- Warwick Castle


7 Netsah - Victory - Woburn Abbey


8 Hod - Splendour - Gloucester Cathedral


9 Yesod - Foundation - Minster Lovell Hall and Dovecote, Witney


10 Malkuth - Kingdom-  Castle Donnington, Newbury


Da'at - Knowledge - Tutbury Castle



In Western Europe as follows:


1 Kether  - Crown - Hamburg


2 Hokhmar  - Wisdom - Berlin


3 Binah - Understanding - Amsterdam


4 Hesed - Mercy - Prague


5 Gevurah - Strength - Luxembourg


6 Tifereth - Beauty - Munich


7 Netsah - Victory - Vienna


8 Hod - Splendour - Bern


9 Yesod - Foundation - Venice


10 Malkuth - Kingdom - Rome



Da'at - Knowledge - Heilbad Heilingenstadt, Germany





Following the Path of the Snake in Crete


This followed another meditation in which Kuthumi said to me "Crete! Follow the path of the snake!"


i immediately saw a picture of the Samaria Gorge, which is the longest gorge in Europe. Going to Greece feels like going Home to me. I bought another map and had a look what I could find.


We travelled along Crete from West to East, stopping at sacred spots on the land en route.

We decided to mark each place by giving a small crystal stone to those we met who lived there along the way. We connected with Ariadne, who was a snake goddess and the daughter of King Minos. She lived at Knossos, it was her who gave Theseus the string to enable him to find his way out of the labyrinth which contained the Minotaur.


Crete is a beautiful island. If you choose to visit I would recommend any of the hot-spots listed here!




Bringing the Corona Borealis back down into the Cyclades


More information, pictures and other journeys coming soon.....





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